Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pesto Cream Cheese Pasta

No pictures of this one unfortunately, but back in September I did a post about parsley pesto and talked about how I like to make it with other leafy greens, such as Spinach, and that is exactly what I did last night. The recipe is pretty much the same, the only difference being that you add 2 cups packed spinach instead of parsley.
First I prepared the pesto and let it sit out while I made the rest of the meal.

Boil an entire pack of pasta noodles of your choice in salted water. While that is boiling heat 4 oz of cream cheese over very low heat until completely melted and smooth. To the cream cheese add 3/4 cup pasta water, several tablespoons at a time to ensure the sauce will be smooth. Once you have a nice creamy sauce, stir in the pesto. Keep on low heat, covered, until ready to use.
Drain pasta and immediately return to the pot you cooked it in on, turning the heat to low. Toss in 2 cups fresh Spinach, sprinkle with salt and pepper and 1/3 cups toasted walnuts. Pour cream cheese pesto sauce over pasta and stir, allowing to sit until the fresh spinach is wilted.
Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and more salt and pepper if desired.
This meal is best eaten on an evening when creamy comfort foods are in order :)

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