Thursday, September 24, 2009


Anyone who knows me well at all knows that I absolutely love coffee, or as my husband put it I "drink coffee like a fish". But I go through phases about what my favorite way to make coffee is. Sometimes it's the French press, for a long time it was the Bialetti, I always love the cone method, but lately my favorite has been a latte sort of thing made in my crappy little espresso maker.

Here is what I do:
Steam 1/2 cup 2% organic milk and 2 Tbsp organic half and half
Grind espresso beans (currently using Zappia Family Espresso, Drew's Brews)

Place in this thing:

and then on top of the espresso place 1 tsp raw sugar like this:

Pour the pulled shot into a mug, quickly adding the steamed milk on top, allowing the foam and milk to mix together like this:

I've been drinking one every morning...I like to think of it as my daily calcium's good for me, right?

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